Artichoke guarantees your dog a complete intestinal wellness in colon and liver.
Because of its own features, all products of Dog&Co Wellness range contain artichoke

Both types of artichoke (round and spiny) are known because they solve problems related to colon and stomach irritations as well as flatulence.
Dogs can eat artichoke because it contains many nourishing and healthy substances. In fact, artichoke has high levels of Vitamin C, folic acid, magnesium and fibres.

All the known benefits of the artichoke

Artichokes are rich in antioxidants whereas they have low levels of calories, fat and sodium. For all these features, they are suitable for dog nutrition. Furthermore, artichokes are known because they contain Vitamin C and B3 that are commonly known as niacin, and for their capability to lower blood cholesterol levels. They also contain minerals such as potassium.

Other functions of the artichoke for dogs

For all these reasons, artichokes have numerous benefits to the dog’s immune system, muscles and metabolism. In addition, they are digestible vegetables; thanks to its diuretic properties, they can help dogs if they suffer for irritable bowel by improving intestinal transit.

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