“Hello, are you providing home delivery service?” It is a very common question during these emergency days caused by Covid-19.

The world has changed so quickly that it has upset our equilibrium, giving us the feeling of facing situations that are bigger than us. Serious situations require drastic decisions and necessarily lead us to leave our comfort zone, exploring new solutions.

In these days we have decided to tell you how one of our customers reacted to Covid19 emergency by providing home delivery service where it had not been offered before. Despite the situation, this choice has brought important results.

How did you change your mind about home delivery?

At the beginning I was scared thinking of the difficulties in handling home deliveries, but at some point I decided to respond to the situation keeping my customers close and even more loyal. If you don’t take care of your customers who want to be reasonably safe at this moment, it means not considering their demands at all.

During these critical times it is fundamental to support my client and I can observe that they are very grateful for it. When everything is over, I will have the opportunity to have a coffee with each of them.

How is home delivery service going on?

Generally, regular clients place their order once a day at most, but for larger volumes. The common feeling is that this situation will take time and for this reason we are buying in supermarkets in large quantities, also for dogs and cats.

Consegna a domicilio

After the emergency from Covid-19, do you plan to continue with home deliveries?

Before the emergency, I used to offer this service as a courtesy for few people. Because of the increasing of the demand, I will continue to provide home deliveries in scheduled time slots and with a more efficient logistic.

We will also tell this story to your colleagues abroad, what would you recommend to them?

If the request of home delivery service increases, organize timetables. I deliver personally now. It does not make much sense to remain in your own shop if no one comes to buy; it is fundamental to organize scheduled time slots instead of losing the own customers. It is a valuable act to help him now and this support will be increasingly recognized.