Who is the pet owner today? He’s generally known as a much more careful person than in the past.

Nowadays a dog or a cat is a close relative. Thanks to the research carried out through the California Health Interview Survey or CHIS (Californian Health Survey), now we have some more data.

Started in 2001, this is the largest and most comprehensive state-run health survey. The investigation consists of a series of telephone interviews conducted in five different languages, English, Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese and Korean,

to Californian citizens who had been chosen at random; the research has allowed to obtain an extremely representative sample about population of each state in terms of gender, ethnicity, family composition and income.

The data collected are extremely interesting for the whole sector for two aspects: the lifestyle of Californian pet owner is similar to ours, the study is still ongoing and is updating the data available.

Do you have a dog, a cat or both?

About 52% of those who state to have a pet at home, they have chosen to own a dog. The remaining people (44%) have chosen a cat. The fact that 18% of people has affirmed that they own both a dog and a cat at home is another interesting point of the interview.

What is the profile of the dog owner?

Usually a dog owner has a particular lifestyle and way of doing shopping. This difference also emerged in the survey phase, when it really stood out for researchers that the majority of dog owners are generally married or they live in a context where there is a stable relationship with regular incomes.

pet owner2

Who take care of cats?

In this case, the common perception is confirmed by statistical data: they are mainly single women, even young women. In fact, the possibility of having a cat reduces when the age of the potential owner increases.

Where do pet owners generally live?

Considering that they are generally married people or single women with a good spending power, with a stable job, it’s easier to find pet owners in the suburbs than in the historic centres or in the so-called “business areas”. Another fact that comes to light from the research is that those who live or have lived in family made up of several members, they are more likely to choose a pet.

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