It seems that consumers’ habits have completely changed after 2 months of quarantine because of the compulsory restrictions for protecting our health. It is expected that some of these new habits last for ever. Several American and Italian studies confirm the online purchases boom; sometimes the demand hasn’t completely fulfilled because of the high level of requests.

An unusual scenario where the demand for the home delivery service and online products didn’t find enough offer. In fact, a research conducted by Prometeia and publicized from Corriere della Sera, affirms that the whole food sector, including petfood, has grown by +6,5 in a month.

How many people have they switched to the home delivery service?

Unfortunately, at the moment we are not able to provide certain data that can be considered valid for the whole national territory, but we can surely affirm that the 92% of our resellers and distributors have adapted themselves to the new reality.
For this reason, we desire to invite you to read again the personal experience of one of our resellers who adapted himself fast and successfully.

What will happen later?

In the USA the growth of online pet food purchases has incredibly augmented by +17% between the end of March and the beginning of April.
Due to this huge initial request, it is important to know the possible consequences of the fast rush of stocking up all provisions, after the initial phase.
According to the survey addressed to the American pet owners, the 64% think they have provisions for 3-4 weeks. It will be necessary to be able in handling the incoming demand at the end of this period. By taking into consideration the total of buyers, it seems that only the 26% is available to test new products. Meanwhile, more than the 76% of buyers ask for specific information about the functional ingredients, the nutritional values and the full decency of pet food producers. Only the brand is not enough.

abitudini d'acquisto

Who drives change of habits?

We haven’t to be surprised that the majority of pet food buyers are women and they ask for more flexibility for the home delivery sales service.
As we can easily expect, people are 60 years old are really worried about the risks of the Covid19.
We have to take into consideration this last aspect because the average age of the Italian population is around 43 years.

Brand fidelity, supply chain, e-commerce. Here what is changing

Some market trends were already evident at the end of the year 2019 but some consumers’ habits have speed up because of the universal pandemic. For the so-called Generation Z made up of the new adults, brand is not particularly interesting, but due to the pandemic they themselves actually do the action of buying online because they are more inclined and able to use the digital tools.

As we stated before, brand fidelity is important only for the 30% of buyers (40% not more for some age ranges). According to a research conducted by AlixPartners, during this particular period people who have tested a new product it is expected they will come back to buy it in 25% of cases, especially if the product has been manufactured locally (+45%).
In all agribusiness sector, products made in Italy are more requested because they are considered synonym of genuineness.

People who already had the e-commerce system for selling pet food have registered more than +77,8% in sales (almost the 52% with a double figure data). It is a very significant data because comes from a market that has gained experience in terms of digitalization, as the American market.

Proportionally, figures could be much higher in Italy. All researches reveal that all pet owners used to do an online research before visiting a store. In general, who adopts a marketing mix strategy gets better results.