The expected Assalco – Zoomark report drawn up by the National Association of Companies for pets’ feeding and care in collaboration with Zoomark, the international biennial of pet food industry, confirms some data and simultaneously give us news about the sector in Italy.

The general growth of the sector has been estimated to be +28% taking into consideration the whole branch; a doubled data compared to the year 2018 and in line with growth registered in 2017. In 2019 turnover has been over 2 billion euros confirming macro financial data that reveals agribusiness one of our leading sectors.
The correlation – one pet for each inhabitant (60,3 million in 2019)- is confirmed.

Looking to the future: e-commerce boom and home delivery service

It is absolutely fitting to mention what happened at the beginning of this year. Several analyses have already shown that pet food sector has grown between March and April, particularly in grocery retail in terms of e-commerce, with 220% increase in the Italian market.
Home delivery service has registered a great success also in European market where we can count 300 billion pets.

Rapporto Assalco-Zoomark 2020

 Pet owner identikit

The Assalco – Zoomark report 2020 shows that the majority of pet owners lives in flats very often located in city context. Another pet owners’ typical main characteristic is that 52% of them has children or kids.

In general, we can notice that pet owner’s families are made up of a higher number of members compared to the national average: in fact, they are made up of an average of 3, 4 members. It is a higher data compared to the 2,3 members of the Italian average.
We can also notice another new trend showing that several pet owners own not only one pet. In fact, among many interviewees, 2,16 is the average of pet possessed.

First information channel: internet

Internet is the first information channel that all pet owners use to consult for evaluating and comparing products before making a purchase. This is a very common habit.

What guides pet owner in making a purchase and who influences him

The Assalco – Zoomark report shows that pet owners take care of pet’s wellness regardless of their breed and of the type of product that they want to buy (feed, accessories, hygiene).
For many pet owners having pet’s wellness close to their hearts means to provide them with a correct feeding that takes into consideration their specific needs and to offer them products with functional properties.
When pet owners choose pet food, veterinarian is the most influencer. In 92% of cases, he is also a pet owner who believes that the industrial pet food increases pets’ average age and pet food companies are able to ensure nourishing needs for our 4-legged friends.

rapporto assalco-zoomark 2020

Feeding habits and other information to keep in mind for the year 2020

Among feeding habits, some small differences exist between dog and cat. 45% of dog owner states to feed their dogs only with dry food and 41% of them with dry and wet food. Regarding cat owners, 65% of them feeds their cats both with dry and wet food.

Currently pet owners feed their pets with packaged basic pet food or with specific and dietetic food, offering them an average of 3,5 different feeds.
27% of dog owners and 30% of cat owners chooses basic feeds. According to the Assalco – Zoomark report a similar data is registered by specific feeds for breed, lifestyle, age, sizes (28% for both animal species), mono protein feeds (16% for dogs and 10% for cats) biological (5% and 9% respectively), dietetics (8% and 7% respectively).

Percentage of use of all the other types of feeding is still moderate and it is between 1% and 3%, except for holistic feed that registers 7% only for cats.