Rosemary is the natural antiparassitic typical of the Mediterranean area. It is known for its antioxidant, antimicrobial, astringent and analgesic properties but also because it helps dogs and cats in the expulsion of gas. It stimulates cats’ appetite and it acts as a very important natural preservative for food.
All products of Dog&Co Wellness and Cat&Co Wellness ranges contain rosemary.

Thanks to its antiseptic, antioxidant and digestive properties, rosemary is highly appreciated. Moreover, it is important to note that rosemary is fundamental for supplementing dogs’ diet because it is rich in calcium, iron and B6 Vitamin.
It also guarantees dogs’ balanced diet, it has a high contents of flavonoids and antioxidant that support dogs’ immunity system in acting correctly and combat some disorders related to the ageing.
Its antimicrobial properties act by killing microorganisms and by preventing their growth. Rosemary is also a good insect repellent; in fact, keeping a plant in your garden or balcony helps to keep insects away and consequently dogs live better.

Rosemary: a medicinal plant that has always been known in the Mediterranean

Shrub belonging to the Lamiaceae family, rosemary is an aromatic plant widely used in cooking and also as a natural remedy. It is highly appreciated for combating some animals’ disorders, especially for dogs. It grows spontaneously throughout the Mediterranean coast and it is easily recognized thanks to its very branched light-colored trunks and protruding upwards. Leaves are lance-shaped, shiny and dark green; flowers are blue-violet with lilac nuance, small and collected in clusters. The plant’ flowering takes place between March and October.

An excellent natural repellent

In addition to the known nutraceutical properties of rosemary, this shrub of the Mediterranean scrub is an excellent natural repellent. Just some little tricks to avoid bites to our four-legged friend: dip some sprigs of rosemary in water and wipe with a mop soaked on the dog’s hair. In this way it can act as a natural antibacterial that keeps insects and parasites away.

rosmarino per cane e gatto

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