Historically, the seasonality of petfood market has been evident during the summer season with different sales in points of sale of big cities and in touristic areas. However, will it be the same this year? Some companies are taking into consideration the possibility of not closing, cancelling or postponing holidays. Because of the economic uncertainty, touristic flows are moving within the same region. Meanwhile, some consumption trends are strengthening and they are offering interesting food for thoughts to the workers in the sector.

Nielsen, a well-known company specialized in market researches, has asked in which directions investments would have been addressed in view of the progressive re opening. Results are very clear:

dove si va a investire
In what would you invest more during the second phase? The author is able to see your vote. Find out more Promotions 10%, Prices 6%, Assortments 35%, Service (e-commerce, payments) 49%

Price strategy could be useful only for getting rid of stocks quickly, but assortments and additional services, more specifically, are the most important things in terms of facility of purchases. Home delivery service, demand of faster payments, small actions to limit waiting times are trends destined to remain longer in the petfood market; the global pandemic, in fact, has speed up the change in purchase habits.

The problem of waiting queues and loyalty

Impatient, hurried, worried and not always with his own face mask: this is the typical description of the majority of pet owners during the third phase. It is possible to observe two different approaches: a group of consumers who want to come back the normality and, from another side, the majority of pet owners who want to be able to choose their products with safety.
During the first phase of the pandemic, half of the people has given up of buying in usual shops and the majority of clients tried alternative solutions, such as the e commerce, home delivery service or hybrid method: to book online and pick up in shops (pick&pay method).


impatto della fila
Age of queues during the health emergency 47% of Italian consumers has given up buying in usual shops once at least. 22% of Italian consumers state the reason is linked to the prolonged waiting times caused by long queues.

Ingredients before brands

The most important market data comes from the e commerce market whose growth trends are increasing strongly, even also after the recovery of activities and the beginning of the third phase. Thanks to some surveys carried out, petfood market has been able to obtain many information. Among trends that are going to strengthen, we can surely find the demand for Made in Italy ingredients; consumers ask for functional ingredients and products processed by societies with short supply chain.

Proximity and quality

If the person who sells his own products is near me, I feel more inclined to approach him. Proximity is a trend that is going to strengthen more and more and it invests different aspects such as marketing, relationship with clients, research of information about manufacturing companies and their supply chain.
Proximity has been the award element towards all commercial workers. Secret for a long-term loyalty is to be near all pet owners.

WhatsApp Pay and purchases revolution

The long waited WhatsApp Pay since December 2019, it has been launched officially and now it is operational in Brazilian market. Very soon, it will be available all over the world. Technological revolution is possible only if services it offers are easy to use and suitable for all.

The preconditions for change exist and they are evident: more than 3 billion of users who use WhatsApp daily, more than 62 million of mobile phone users who are able to surf on Internet, a message service used in more than 200 countries in the world.

In China, for example, the majority of consumers (they are more than 1 billion) use to make a purchase by WeChat app. It is very similar to WhatsApp but it has more functions. Thanks to WeChat, it was possible to measure contaminations quickly, it is possible to interact with Chinese Public Administration and to register for receiving periodic communication from societies.

Some activities have already loaded their catalogues on WhatsApp Business and they are going to receive purchase requests from this channel. At that point, thanks to the facility of purchase, it will be necessary to employ a person who deals with this specific activity. If demands increases, it will be essential to acquire new digital expertise and to be ready for beating the other to the draw.

WhatsApp Pay

Proactivity instead of reactivity

During the year 2020, some strengthened certainties have been weakened quickly and everybody had to find new solutions for the emergency moment. This situation has put pressure on our capabilities of reaction in front of new scenarios that change quickly. Once the most chaotic phase has managed, we will not come back for many aspects: the economic scenario has changed and with it we have changed a bit. Currently, proactivity is much more important than reactivity.

Proactivity is the attitude to act in anticipation for facing one or more problems. It is a useful ability, especially in this specific moment where we perfectly know what we expects from now until the end of pandemic, the introduction of vaccine and an economic scenario that is plain to all.
Anyone who has a dog or a cat, consider it as a member of the family and he will be always available to take care of it. What has already changed is the way in which pet owners decide to buy products for their loyal 4 legged friends.