Chamomile is a nutraceutical ingredient. If it is correctly measured with the others components that guarantee appetibility and digestibility, it is suitable for feeding dogs and cats.
Because of its own features, all products of Dog&Co Wellness and Cat&Co Wellness ranges contain chamomile


Experts’ word

With its anti-inflammatory and phlebotomic properties, chamomile is generally used for its anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic effects on the smooth musculature of the digestive tube. Its healing, bactericidal and antimitotic properties act to fight against inflammations in the gastro intestinal tract.

A natural remedy to guarantee the gastro intestinal balance

Chamomile is a typical shrub of the Mediterranean scrub; it is widespread in Europe and Asia but it is possible to find it in the other continents. It grows spontaneously in lawns and in open country and often becomes intrusive by acting as a weed of agricultural crops.

Flowers of this plant are generally collected after losing its petals preferably, but for sure before its drying on the plant. A common harvesting method consists in rubbing the stems of the plant between the fingers (or between the teeth of special combs) in such a way in order to collect only the flowers and to avoid a long cleaning phase. Flower heads are dried by arranging them in thin layers in the shade; then, they are kept in airtight glass containers away from sources of light and humidity.

Its anti-inflammatory property with equal active principle in terms of weight was compared to that of cortisone. The presence of the others flavonoids (eupatuletin, quercimethrin) and coumarin guarantee digestive and spasmolytic properties.


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