Beetroot pulp is one of the most used ingredients thanks to its functional properties. You can find it in all Cat&Co Wellness, Dog&Co Wellness and Naxos recipes.


Why is it too important for quality dry food?

Red beetroot is an excellent source of fibres. It ensures a regular intestinal transit improving the absorption of nutrients. This ingredient also ensures a very important prebiotic action for our four legged friends: in fact, it facilitates the intestinal bacterial flora growth.
In addition to the fibres amount, red beetroot pulp includes many other nutrients and important elements for the health of your pet. Among the minerals present in this plant, we can find magnesium, sodium and potassium. All of them are necessary for the coordination of different muscle, nervous and neurologic functions.
Among the various nutrients, folic acid (also known as vitamin B9) and vitamin B12 guarantee the formation of red blood cells. Folic acid also helps to prevent some diseases that can affect fetuses: for this reason, its presence is particularly important for pregnant females. Beetroot also contains vitamins A and C: Vitamin A is rich in retinol or retinoic acid and essential for sight, maintenance of skin epithelia and reproduction. Vitamin C is important for bone and dental functions.

History of beetroot

All known types of beets (Beta vulgaris) come from those that grow spontaneously in the Middle East and in the Mediterranean. It is a cultivated plant belonging to the quinoa or amaranth family. Since ancient times doctors of ancient Babylon, followed by Greeks and Romans, started to use this particular ingredient for its digestive abilities.

Red beetroot pulp

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