Interzoo 2021 is coming. After many changes in the organization process, one of the most important petfood fair will be online for the first time.

Here you find our digital booth. If you have the entry pass, you can visit it through this link.

You will find a short description of the company, our new products (Naxos, Dog&CO Wellness and Cat&Co Wellness) with all important information and detail concerning our Super Premium ranges.

Interzoo digital 2021 will give you the possibility to schedule virtual meetings during the event. In order to agree day and time, you should only click on the bottom: “Request Meeting” on the top left side where the image of our virtual booth is visible.

A pop up will be opened where you can introduce yourself, you can choose day and time of meetings, you can invite all people present at Interzoo digital, you can send a message.

In the same form, you can also chat with our export managers and ask further information. After scheduling meeting, you can have a video call in the Interzoo platform or through other means of communication.

Our new products launched for Interzoo 2021

We have chosen to present five new products at the digital edition of Interzoo 2021:

  1. Naxos Adult Maxi -pork and citrus: considering the successful results got for mini and medium sizes, we have completed our range including the maxi size.
  2. Naxos Adult Mini – Buffalo and Citrus / Naxos Adult Medium – Buffalo and Citrus: a new taste has been included in our monoprotein range. We have chosen the buffalo because its meat is one of the leanest and lightest among the red ones. It is an ideal option for dogs that do not like chicken meat or suffer a slight intolerance for it. The Italian buffalo is raised in the wild and he is free to graze. These two aspects improve for sure its flavor and taste.
  3. Dog & Co Wellness Adult Medium / Maxi- Ham and Rice Adult Mini – Ham and rice: a very tasty solution has been added to our super premium and nutraceutical range.
  4. Cat & Co Wellness Adult Sterilized – Fish and Rice: one of the most sought after and appreciated products by end consumers. It is now enriched with a new taste variant, which includes the Mediterranean blue fish that is able to provide the right amount of nutrients without compromising sterilized cats’ diet.
  5. Cat & Co Wellness Adult – Hairball: you probably see your cat struggles with a hairball. For sure, this can worry pet owners but this specific product can absolutely avoid this unpleasant situation.

Ask our commercial manager about our new products catalogue