Five new products have been included in Adragna Petfood ranges. After their launch at Interzoo Digital, we are now happy to give you all details about the main features.

All new products are already available. Feel free to contact our export managers for getting more information.

Naxos Adult Maxi – pork and citrus



Considering the successful results of this product for mini and medium dogs, Naxos Pork and Citrus will be also available for maxi dogs in 2021. Pork meat is the first ingredient mentioned in the label. It is a protein source characterized for its a high biological value, high digestibility and appetibility. A detailed focus regarding pork meat is available clicking this link





Naxos Adult – Buffalo and Citrus



The product is available for mini and medium dogs. It is particularly recommended for the maintenance of adult dogs. Buffalo meat is the leanest and lightest red meat. It is a good alternative for dogs who do not like chicken or they suffer intolerances.

The product includes the refined buffalo protein mixed with Sicilian citrus that are able to ensure a dietary fibers 5 times higher than wheat bran. It improves intestinal motility, reduces the concentration of cholesterol in the blood and guarantees antioxidant actions. The Italian buffalo is raised in the wild and is free to graze.

These two aspects improve significantly flavor and taste. Moreover, the use of this protein allows us to reduce transport and CO2 emissions into the environment.


Dog & Co Wellness Adult Ham and Rice


This is our new product belonging to Dog & Co Wellness functional range for mini and medium / maxi dogs. Its formula contains ham, rice and Mediterranean ingredients coming from Italy. Protein sources firstly mentioned in label are Italian and able to facilitate the proper maintenance of dog’s muscles. They also ensure palatability and high digestibility of the product.

Ham has a peculiar feature: the preliminary steam cooking process allows pork meat to offer new nuances of taste particularly appreciated by our four-legged friends. Ham and the other ingredients of the recipe, such as artichoke and chamomile, ensure the presence of potassium and cynarin. Both elements are able to stimulate diuresis, purify the liver and promote digestion.


Cat & Co Wellness Adult Sterilized – Fish and Rice


Cat & Co Wellness – Sterilized Fish and Rice has been manufactured in order to meet nutritional needs of adult and sterilized cats. It does not contain artificial colors or preservatives.

The recipe includes entire blue fish subsequently treated in order to extract the dehydrated protein. We have chosen blue fish, such as sardine, herring, anchovy or mackerel, for its nutritional characteristics. It ensures:

  • A greater energy intake ideal for sterilized cats who easily gain weight
  • A higher percentage of polyunsaturated fatty acids (Omega 3)
  • Healthy animal’s coat
  • A lower percentage of cardiovascular problems
  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Vitamin contribution suitable to the maintenance of cats thanks to the presence of vitamins D, A, B12, B3, B2 and B1

Cat & Co Wellness Adult – Hairball


Cat & CO Wellness Hairball – Chicken and rice has been formulated with nutraceutical ingredients that naturally reduce the formation of hairballs.

Thanks to a greater amount of fibers, cats will be able to digest easily hairball formed during their grooming process that is more frequent for longhaired cats or in case of seasonal molts.




How our recipes are formulated

Adragna manufactures its petfood using the best raw materials available on the Sicilian and Italian market. This peculiarity makes Adragna products as Mediterranean and “Made in Italy” products. All our recipes are made thanks to the cooperation between our internal qualified personnel and external nutritionist experts.
The close collaboration relationship with the main suppliers of raw materials ensures constant controls about the genuineness of the products used. Here is one of the characteristics that make Adragna products as synonymous of quality.