“Nourishing pets respecting their needs, protecting nature and the environment”

Typical made-in-Italy quality and respect for animals and the environment.


Adragna produces its products using only the best raw materials available both in the Sicilian and Italian market. This prerogative ensures that these products can be fully considered Mediterranean and made-in-Italy products. The various recipes are realised with the support of the qualified staff of the company and of renowned nutritionists who collaborate with Adragna. A close partnership with the suppliers of raw materials so to ensure constant control and naturalness of these materials is an other prerogative that guarantees the quality of Adragna’s products. Coherently with the company values of respect for the environment and of love for pets, Adragna Pet Food follows a “cruelty free” logic, meaning no experimentation is done on animals. The company as a matter of fact has been collaborating from the beginning with important breeders and private kennels, together testing the appetising nature of the products and the outputs of these without damaging in any way the health of the animals.


We are what we eat


We have close to the heart the wellness of the animals and we believe that to make great food it is not necessary experimenting on them and that using the technical and nutritional knowledge we posses is enough. For this reason our company doesn’t test nor commission to others experiments on animals.


Even if they are accepted by law, we chose to avoid adding in the productive process any synthetic additives such as preservatives. Freshness and nutritional features are preserved by advanced production systems and use of raw materials that with their antioxidant power protect the food naturally.


Our animals deserve all the quality and genuineness available, that is the reason why we guarantee the sources of all ingredients and we use raw materials containing no genetically-modified organisms that meet our strict quality standards



Adragna obtained in 2001 the Certification of a Quality Management System conform to the international Standard UNI EN ISO 9001, which demonstrates the company’s attention to constantly improve all the aspects of the production and sale of the products for dogs and cats.

In accordance with the philosophy of the company, Adragna was one of the first in Italy to obtain the certification of an Environmental Management System conform to the standard of reference UNI EN ISO 14001.

To meet the increasing level of safety standard of the consumers, the company obtained the certification of a Food Safety System conform to the standard UNI EN ISO 22000.

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