Naxos is the Super Premium single protein product line, created by Adragna Pet Food thanks to its longtime experience in the nutrition field, that meets the various nutritional needs and tastes of dogs of all sizes and ages. Using advanced production systems, steam cooking and vacuum-sealed liquid insertion allows to make excellent long-lasting products, processed to retain valuable nutrients.

The various products, created to be easily assimilated and appetising, are formulated using mainly:

  • the use of a single animal protein source with high biological value to ensure high digestibility and correct intake of essential amino acids;
  • the presence of Sicilian citrus fruits (rich in pectin) which help to reorder the digestive function and increase resistance to intestinal infections by purifying the body;
  • a complete integration of vitamins and minerals for a correct metabolism and a healthy and balanced diet.

Healthy skin and shiny coat

The proper ratio of Omega 3 and Omega 6 and the right integration of vitamin A and C contribute to maintain the skin healthy and the coat shiny and soft.

Strong defenses

Oligosaccharide fruit, yeasts and natural prebiotics favour the growth of a beneficial intestinal microbial flora, raising a natural barrier against patogenic microorganisms.


Using glucosamine, beside the proper ratio of calcium and vitamin D3, contributes to maintain the resistance and flexibility of the joints.

Strong bones

The right amount of calcium and vitamin D3 is basic to the development of a strong bone structure and the growth of firm teeth.

Balanced diet

The wise use of vitamins, mineral salts and trace elements helps balancing the ingestion of nutritious substances, avoiding nutritional deficiencies and excesses.

Optimal digestion

Dried citrus fruit and the natural fibre of the carobs and the beet pulp help healthy digestion, improve nutrients absorption and enhance stool quality and compactness.

Authenticity and quality

100% Made in Italy

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