Professional Breeder Monoprotein Superpremium Medium Puppy – Chicken and citrus

Professional Breeder Super Premium is a complete food for dogs that meets the nutritional needs and tastes of dogs of different sizes and ages.

Cooked in Italy


PACKAGE 0,8kg, 3kg or 12kg

COMPOSITION Dried chicken proteins (38%); corn; rice; animal fats; buckwheat; sorghum; hydrolysed animal proteins; Sicilian citrus fruit (2%); dried beet pulp; dried carobs; dried whey; brewer’s yeast; linseeds; olive oil; sodium chloride; extract of chestnut wood (natural source of tannins); fructooligosaccharides.

ANALYTICAL CONSTITUENTS Moisture 9,00%, crude protein 29,00%, crude fats and oils 18,00%, crude fiber 2,50%, crude ashes 5,80%, calcium 1,30%, phosphorous 1,00%, Omega 3 0,60%, Omega 6 2,80%, metabolizable energy 4.100 Kcal/Kg.

NUTRITIONAL ADDITIVES Vitamin A 21.000 UI – Vitamin C 70,00 mg – Vitamin D3 1.400 UI – Vitamin E 275 UI – Vitamin B1 8,40 mg – Vitamin B2 8,40 mg – Vitamin B3 35,00 mg – Vitamin B6/pyridoxine hydrochloride 7,00 mg – Biotin 1,60 mg – Vitamin K 1,75 mg – Vitamin B12 0,16 mg – Acid folic 1,60 mg  – Cholin chloride 2.200,00 mg – Iron carbonate (iron) 320,00 mg – Calcium iodate anhydrous (iodine) 3,10 mg– Copper sulfate pentahydrate (copper) 55,00 mg – Manganese oxide (manganese) 70,00 mg – Zinc oxide (zinc) 220,00 mg – Sodium selenite (selenium) 0,31 mg – DL Methionine technically pure 3.500,00 mg. Antioxidants.

FEEDING GUIDE The product must be fed to your pet daily according to the feeding chart printed on the back of the package, preferably dividing it in two/three main meals, making sure to always provide your dog with fresh water. In case of a change of product, it is advised to do it gradually. Make small adjustments to the recommended quantities based on the physiological conditions of the dog, activity and environmental factors. Store the product in a cool and dry place.

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Termine minimo di conservazione

2-3 mesi
Peso adulto12 kg15 kg18 kg20 kg24 kg27 kg30 kg
Razione in gr140-175170-210200-230220-260250-300270-300290-350
4-6 mesi
Peso adulto12 kg15 kg18 kg20 kg24 kg27 kg30 kg
Razione in gr190-230230-270250-310280-330320-390350-425375-455
7-9 mesi
Peso adulto12 kg15 kg18 kg20 kg24 kg27 kg30 kg
Razione in gr220-230245-260285-300310-320360-375390-410420-440
13-15 mesi
Peso adulto12 kg15 kg18 kg20 kg24 kg27 kg30 kg
Razione in grADULTADULTADULTADULT310350370

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